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Our Services

Caledonian Landscapes provides a range of services to ensure all outdoor design requirements are met.

The following three services are charged at an hourly rate with quotations provided for planning and construction by networked professionals, suppliers and tradespeople.                                                                                   

The comprehensive design services offered by Caledonian Landscapes are as follows:

Site Consultation.JPG

1. Site Consultation

For client & designer to meet, discuss the desired project outcomes and assess the site with this in mind. Direct feedback is provided to the client, as well as notes recorded on a scaled site plan (if available) and photographs taken from all angles to build a comprehensive portfolio of the existing site. A 'Landscape Design Brief' is developed with a quote for a landscape plan (if requested) and returned to the client as the basis for further design development.

Adventure Playground Concept.JPG

2. Landscape Concept Plan

A Concept Plan allows the client and designer to meet minds. This plan, drawn to scale provides a proposed layout with access in and around the site, functional areas accommodated, schematic planting, structures and suggested materials based on the information collected during the Site Consultation. One revision of the initial Concept Plan is included in this stage of planning. Further revisions are charged at an hourly rate.

Detailing all elements for construction

Detailing all elements for construction


3. Landscape Master Plan

Detailed planting and hard works plan showing the position of each proposed plant and suggested hard landscape materials and their quantities. A Soil Test is recommended to ensure appropriate plant species are used. A Plant Schedule is provided listing all plant names, number of species plotted and pot sizes to order in bulk or in stages. A quote for plant supply to site by Caledonian Landscapes can be provided on request. Construction details available are:- a. Demolition Plan, b. Set-Out Plan c. Irrigation Plan d. Lighting Plan e. Irrigation Quote