Caledonian Landscapes


Helen & Peter Bilenkij

“The courtyard that Sarah Hoskin designed for us in 2000 is a wonderful outdoor area that is a pleasure to look at and/or sit in on a daily basis.  It also serves as an ideal entertaining area for any number of family and friends…there is always shade in summer and sun in winter.  The eastern rendered wall with it’s central water feature and elevated gardens either side provides total privacy from the passing traffic and the large paved area is set on naturally sloping land allowing a panoramic view of our expansive park-like garden.  This courtyard has truly added an extra dimension to our home and our lifestyle.” 

Helen and Peter Bilenkij, Orange 2008

Garden design completed in 2000 with structural work done by builder David Turk, custom-made tiles around fountain designed & made by ceramic artist Ros Auld, fountain plumbing done by MJ Baker Irrigation and planting done by clients.

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Sarah Hoskin
Susan Blinkhorn

As I move through my house I am enchanted by the garden picture that greets me at each window and soon I find myself outside again in the wonderful space that Sarah planned and sculpted for us.  What now appears to always have been there, or was meant to be there, is so soothing in one view, yet enticing and exciting in another, the result of nature and human creativity working together….beneath this is Sarah’s work, her knowledge of plants and landscape, her creativity and wisdom.  Our garden….a great joy to us and our visitors, family and friends.” 

Susan Blinkhorn, Orange 2008

Garden designed in 2005 and construction staged & constructed by the clients with  the help of Daniel Quarmby Landscape contractor.

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Sarah Hoskin
Col & Sandy Taylor

 “The Landscaper wants to come back and take photos of the garden for promotional reasons.  He said he’d like to work more with you in the future……it is surprising how many people have commented on the water feature and paving….we are really happy with the colours of the plants you chose”.

Col and Sandy Taylor, Orange  2008

Garden designed and built in the ensuing months by Anthony Hawthorn, Landscape Contractor with some structural work and planting done by clients.

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Sarah Hoskin
Amelia & Gavin Stuckey

“Thank you for your truly inspirational creation & plan.  Really something worthwhile

to work  for!”

Amelia and Gavin Stuckey, Condobolin, 2009

Garden renovation design completed for a young farming family who plan to gradually develop the garden themselves over time.

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Sarah Hoskin
Julie Black

 “Just wanted to let you know that we have ‘broken ground’ today with stage one of the plan!!! There are trucks, bobcat, edges etc here today working away. We have started with the front paths, around the sides and the front garden beds are getting done too, either side of the drive. So after lots of measuring, Round up-ing and line marking over the last month or so, we have progress finally. Very exciting!!!

Thanks again for the plans, I am very happy with the end result and look forward to working away at it over the next few years”.

Julie Black Forbes NSW  May 2010

Landscape Planting Plan for new rural home on family farm

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Sarah Hoskin
Des & Mary Taylor

“We received the mailed version of our garden plan today, and it’s lovely.  Thank you for all your work and suggestions.  We love the plan, and have just spent lunchtime discussing where we’ll start, and when!  It’s so exciting to think that one day we’ll be walking around a beautiful, cohesive garden (thanks to your plan) which will be a reflection of the work we will put in over the next couple of years.  We’re very much looking forward to it.

You really did a fantastic job of unifying and making elegant a very disparate and inelegant garden.  It was wonderful to work with someone who was prepared to incorporate our ideas and needs while also coming up with some innovative suggestions and designs.  It was a real pleasure to work with you and we hope to be able to show you the results of your plans as we progress.  

Des and Mary Taylor, “Beaumah”, Shadforth  2011

Landscape Concept Plan for renovated rural homestead on family farm

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Sarah Hoskin
Michael Shillington

“Thank you for all of your input. It has been a pleasure working with you. I have no doubt that it will give us a lot of pleasure as we watch the garden grow and evolve. I hope that I grow to be an "old gardener" before I have to leave”.

Michael Shillington, Orange, 2011

Landscape Concept Plan for formal paved terrace and adjacent garden and lawn terraces.

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Sarah Hoskin